So Why Test your Hay?

Testing your horse's primary source of nutrition, hay, is the only way to truly know what the horse is eating as far as proteins, sugars, and minerals.

There is not a perfect hay out there. Not every horse can eat every hay. There are so many factors to hay production. Is the hay a cool season or warm season? When was it cut? How mature is the cutting? Did the farmer add nitrogen to the soil? What time of day was it cut? Worrying about this is overwhelming!

So get your hay testing to determine it's nutritional benefits. Then once that analysis is done, you can"balance" your horse's diet!

Otherwise, you are just guessing and possibly throwing money away without knowing.

The company I send the samples to is called Equi-Analytical.
Hay Testing through Equi-Analytical

I charge $65 plus travel depending on location.
Hay Testing image